Welcome to the blog of beautiful crossdressers

The blog of beautiful crossdressers

This crossdresser blog was born to show and spread the beauty both internal and external of that woman we all carry inside.

So, what is crossdressing?

In a nutshell, crossdressing, or cross-dressing, is the desire to wear clothes that are normally worn by the opposite sex. This desire drives you to dress it, either out of simple curiosity or because it gives you pleasure. It is something normal in the sense that many people enjoy this.

It is important to note that the crossdressing focuses basically on the way a person dresses and not necessarily on his or her sexual preference or gender identity.

Many of the people who like crossdressing are heterosexual, although there are certainly those who are homosexual or even bisexual.

Not all people who dress in clothing generally associated with the opposite sex can be defined as crossdressers, for example many transgender individuals do and that does not make them crossdressers as they feel their gender identity is different from their biological sex, so it is valid to think that they are wearing clothes according to how they perceive themselves.

What triggers the impulse of the crossdressers for cross-dress could be the desire of experiment with the feminine side, as a form of relaxation or to reduce anxiety. Not all the time is related to sexual stimulation.

Both men and women can practice crossdressing. This crossdressing blog is dedicated only to male crossdressers and their admirers. If you are just here out of curiosity, you are welcome too.

Crossdressers picture gallery

Welcome to the best gallery of beautiful crossdresser pictures. Here you will enjoy of some photos of the most beautiful and lovely crossdressers.

Remember that a happy crossdresser will always be a gorgeous crossdresser.

Click on the pics below to see the complete collections.
Pictures of pretty crossdressers in several oufits
Pictures of feminine crossdressers in pantyhose and high heels
Pictures of lovely crossdressers in boots

How to crossdress

Crossdress for the first time can be confusing. It's not about wearing just one particular garment, but wearing them all at once (almost).

We're talking about wearing women's lingerie, pantyhose if you like them (tell the truth, you're dying to wear them), a cute short dress, or maybe a blouse with a sexy mini skirt. And let's not forget the heels (how could we forget them).

And we haven't even mentioned makeup.

But don't worry (well, yes, but only a little), here you will find a lot of information that will help you get out of this situation looking radiant and beautiful.

So keep calm and enjoy the blog to learn all about crossdressers.

Pretty crossdressers in different outfits

When it comes to clothes, cute crossdressers are always attracted to those that help her look as sexy and feminine as possible. Normally a huge nylon addiction is always present in the dressing desire of a well dressed crossdresser.

Here you can find well dressed crossdressers in different elegant outfits: in tight and cute dresses, fun and sexy miniskirts, and comfortable shorts. Also stunning crossdressers will show their shapely legs in pantyhose, and the most daring ones in stockings and garter belts. So you can decide which girl is the most beautiful crossdresser.

Click on the images and enjoy the beauty of feminine crossdressers in different outfits.
Beautiful crossdressers in dresses
Cute crossdressers in shorts
Gorgeous crossdressers in skirts

Finding high heels for crossdressing

All sexy crossdressers like to wear high heels. I understand them perfectly. After all, high heels are the icon of femininity. But every pretty crossdresser knows that finding the right high heels for her is a real challenge, especially if it is the first pair of woman shoes you are going to buy.

That's why we've done a lot of research on the subject and accumulated a lot of information that we're sure you'll find very useful in finding your first pair of those longed-for and dreamed-of high heels.

Now, thanks to the Internet, buying shoes is much easier than before. You no longer have to go through the embarrassment of being found poking around in the women's shoe section. But as everything can't be perfect, this brings a complication: it's not possible to try on shoes before buying them, so there's a real possibility that we won't get the right size at the first try.

If you want to learn more about how to find your first pair of high heels, just click in the link.

Walking in high heels

Ok. You finally have your dreamy high heels. Now you must learn to walk in them in a charming and feminine way. Learn how to walk in high heels takes time, patience, but above all practice.

Learning to walk in heels is important, not only for the part that has to do with looking glamorous, but also for safety reasons. I don't think anyone wants to end up getting hurt from stepping on the wrong foot in high heels.

Clik in the following link If you want some tips for walking in heels.

Crossdressing makeup 101

Along with high heels, makeup is something very precious for every attractive crossdresser. It's one of those things that helps us to create our feminine looks. Makeup has always been closely related to femininity.

To make-up for the first time could be a problem for a girl starting out in this world. But it's not a hopeless situation either. Every woman has been through this at some point in her life. And in the end, like everything else, it's a matter of practice.

No matter what your level of makeup skill is, there are some key strategies that apply to everyone and are easy to learn.

Here we'll show you the basics that every beautiful crossdresser should know about how to apply makeup (...and also removing it properly), as well as some beauty tips and tricks that are never overlooked.

Pantyhose for crossdressing

No matter how long you have been dressing very girly, you will surely remember the first time you wore a piece of women's clothing. And there's a good chance it was pantyhose.

That's because pantyhose represent one of the symbols of femininity, along with high heels.

Many gorgeous crossdressers love to show off their shapely legs, and what better way to do it than by wearing soft and delicate pantyhose.

The softness with which the nylon caresses the skin of our legs is something indescribably pleasant.

But before my mind starts wandering into the pleasures of pantyhose, let me point you to the link you can go to if you want to know some tips on choosing the right pantyhose for crossdressing.

Talking about crossdressing with your wife

Many crossdressers are married and long to be able to share this facet of their lives with their wives. Although I don't know any statistics about it, I think a lot of good looking crossdressers are heterosexual. Perhaps this is why having the support of their wives is so valuable.

Being a crossdresser is usually not something you talk about openly with your partner. It is often a pleasure that is enjoyed in secret and that over time can generate feelings of guilt and frustration. 

That a crossdresser can live a healthy and happy relationship with his wife is complicated to achieve, but it is something completely possible, and in this link we tell you some ideas on how to tell your wife you crossdress.

Going out crossdressed for the first time

Surely you all know that it is one thing to get crossdress to enjoy it at home, and quite another to go out crossdressed. No one knows better what it's like to feel the adrenaline rush through your body like a crossdresser going out in public for the first time.

Before you go any further, keep in mind that deciding to enjoy your crossdressing at home and not go out dressed is okay. Not everyone lives crossdressing in the same way. You should also take into account that not all places are equally friendly to crossdressers.

But if you decide to put your fears aside and go out into the street, my best advice would be for you to enjoy the moment. My second best advice is to remember to breathe, we don't want you to pass out from the excitement.

A girl wrote a delightful post of what a sexy crossdresser feels when she goes out for the first time.

Enjoy your femininity

Femininity is something that can sometimes be difficult to define. It has to do not only with a delicate and subtle curved waist, or with a shapely legs, but also with other qualities such as being romantic, playful, passionate, friendly, voluptuous. In short, there are many things included in what it is to be feminine.

If you haven't already recognized what a wonderful feminine being you are, just take a closer look.  You may be surprised to discover that others see you as a beautiful human being and full of qualities.

Here you can read the point of view of a lovely beautiful and very feminine crossdresser who enjoys her femininity.

Tips to lose weight if you are a crossdresser

You are a beautiful woman but do you think you would look much better if you lost a little weight? Then you are in luck because here you can find some tips that could help you find the answer to that question of how to lose weight and gain a more feminine figure as a crossdresser.

Crossdressing quotes

Sometimes we need a little inspiration and motivation to keep going and live the beauty of crossdressing. Many times life puts us in front of a critical decision, changes that we may be afraid to face, but it always gives us the strength to deal with it and we end up discovering a courage and resistance that we may not have known we had.

Sometimes a few words of wisdom can offer the perfect stimulus to follow the path. Here are some inspiring quotes for pretty crossdressers.